Sunday, September 20, 2020

Plastic Recycling Project 'RePLAST OECS' Launches in Saint Lucia

Environmental stakeholders from the public and private sectors in Saint Lucia lent their support and expertise towards the successful launch and two-day workshop for the RePLAST OECS project – an initiative that seeks to create a sustainable economic model for the management and recycling of plastic waste in the Caribbean, particularly between the OECS Member States and the French Departments of the Caribbean.


The two-year pilot project, implemented by UNITE Caribbean, will be carried out in Saint Lucia and will focus on testing approaches and systems for setting up a plastic waste collection and recycling scheme through export from Saint Lucia to Martinique.


Felix Finisterre, Senior Project Manager for the UNITE Caribbean Saint Lucia Office, highlighted the opportunity for OECS islands to supply the EU-funded industrial plant in Martinique which specialises in the recycling of plastic bottles. 


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