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Biodiversity Assessment of Saint Lucia's Forests3.52 MBDownload
Biodiversity Awareness Survey Report437.99 KBDownload
Case IV – Biodiversity Protection from Economic Opportunities Associated with the Environment in the Member States of the OECS17.90 KBDownload
Procedures Manual for the Conduct of Research on Biodiversity in Saint Lucia330.30 KBDownload
Conservation Trust Funds
Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds5.49 MBDownload
Sustainable Finance Needs For Caribbean MPAS63.28 KBDownload
Flora and Fauna
The Classification of the Vegetation Of Saint Lucia9.47 MBDownload
The Status and Conservation of Saint Lucia’s Forest Birds1.63 MBDownload
The Mammals of St Lucia7.30 MBDownload
Survey on the Usage of Traditional Plants Derivatives in Saint Lucia60.51 KBDownload
State of Conservation of the Pitons Management Area (PMA) Saint Lucia711.66 KBDownload
Scorpions from Saint Lucia732.05 KBDownload
Saint Lucia's Reptiles494.40 KBDownload
Saint Lucia's Birds439.27 KBDownload
Saint Lucia in a World of Beetles and Other Insects2.25 MBDownload
Report on Ecological Survey for Herb Production In Saint Lucia 3.00 MBDownload
Report of the Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP) Survey For The Vieux Fort Region199.95 KBDownload
Plant Taxonomy of Saint Lucia8.14 MBDownload
The Status and Management of Saint Lucia’s Forest Reptiles And Amphibians5.00 MBDownload
Overviewof Protium Attenuatum and L’ansan 16.62 KBDownload
Migrant Bird Records for Saint Lucia357.33 KBDownload
Management of Critical Species on Saint Lucia3.86 MBDownload
Forest Management Guidelines4.48 MBDownload
Forest Biometic Guidelines1.18 MBDownload
Current status of the Endangered White-Breasted Thrasher, a Dry Forest Songbird Endemic to Saint Lucia and Martinique1.49 MBDownload
Conservation Action for Birds8.20 KBDownload
Biological Inventory5.48 MBDownload
Biogeography of West Indian Spiders focusing on the St. Lucian Spider Fauna433.90 KBDownload
Assessment of the Latanye Broom Industry In Saint Lucia767.18 KBDownload
A Review of Lichenology in Saint Lucia Including a Lichen Checklist1.23 MBDownload
A New Vegetation Classification for Saint Lucia3.06 MBDownload
Mitigative Measures to Save the St. Lucia White-Breasted Thrasher84.82 KBDownload
Valuing St. Lucia’s Forest4.50 MBDownload
Coral Harvesting and Sand Mining Management Practices7.48 MBDownload
Developing OECS Ocean Data Standards and Best Practices (ODSBP)2.08 MBDownload
Marine Research Strategy3.13 MBDownload
Methodology Manual for Social Assessment for Protected and Conserved Areas (SAPA) Facilitators7.48 MBDownload
Social Assessment of Conservation Initiatives1.02 MBDownload
The Beach Is Mine - Sand Mining in the Community of Piaye, Saint Lucia.1.62 MBDownload
Understanding the Social Impacts of Parks and Protected Areas3.29 MBDownload
Marine and Coastal Resources
Adjusting to a New Way of Life: Marine Management Areas and Fishers30.84 KBDownload
Caribbean Sea Ecosystem Assessment: Executive Summary1.57 MBDownload
Coastal Wetlands and Sustainable Livelihoods20.19 KBDownload
Coastal Zone Management in Saint Lucia79.35 KBDownload
Coral Reef Monitoring for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation Policy Development349.87 KBDownload
Grande Anse Beach And Sea Use Management Plan Prepared For NRMU1.20 MBDownload
Lecture Notes On Beach Changes And Their Measurement January 19932.51 MBDownload
Maintaining Offshore Islands IAS-free as Strategy for Protecting Endangered Endemic Species in Saint Lucia549.56 KBDownload
Saint Lucia Reef Fix Exercise1.19 MBDownload
Status and Trends of Caribbean Coral Reefs27.99 MBDownload
The Case of the Des Barras Sea Turtle Watching Initiative1.35 MBDownload
The Soufriere Marine Management Association562.43 KBDownload
The Soufriere Marine Management Association Presentation7.42 MBDownload
History of Saint Lucia by H. Breen11.45 MBDownload
Living (and Working Virtually) in Uncertainty by Cynthia S. Parker1.20 MBDownload
Offshore Island Conservation in Saint Lucia1.65 MBDownload
Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area1.44 MBDownload
Strategic Direction and Effectiveness: Strategy and Prioritization215.12 KBDownload
National Biodiversity Reports
Fifth National Biodiversity Report for Saint Lucia17.80 MBDownload
First National Biodviersity Report560.03 KBDownload
Fourth National Biodiversity Report2.97 MBDownload
Second National Biodiversity Report522.00 KBDownload
Second Revised National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)4.99 MBDownload
Third National Biodviersity Report1.04 MBDownload

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